Packaging Options:

12/1 qt Case, 4/1 gl Case


Concentrated, all-purpose liquid deodorizer

Formulated for application on all types of carpet fibers and fabrics. Contains 
quaternary ammonium compounds that neutralize odors at their source. Can be added to carpet shampoo, recovery tanks, or directly on source. 



Baby Fresh

Packaging Options:

12/1 qt Case, 4/1 gl Case


Baby powder fragrance provides an effective and natural deodorizer. For use in nurseries, patient rooms, waiting room, restrooms and nursing homes.



Cherry Blossom

Packaging Options:

4/1 gl Case, 5 gl Pail, 55 gl Drum


Water soluble blend of deodorants for industrial and institutional applications. May be used as a solution drip in toilets or as a fogging spray in sewage plants or

portable toilets.


Aireze ® Industrial

Packaging Options:

12/1 qt Case, 4/1 gl Case


Penetrates and encapsulates bad odor molecules from the fiber. Effective on carpeting, clothing, curtains, upholstery, musty ordors, cooking odors, smoke, pet odors and virtually every fabric.


Enzy Out

Packaging Options:

12/1 qt Case, 4/1 gl Case, 55 gl Drum


Bacterial package containing a blend of Bacillus spores. Selected for accelerated degradation of organic compounds such as grease, fats, proteins, starch, sugars and cellulose.



Tropic Breeze

Packaging Options:

12 - 20 oz Can


Totally dry-spray and odor neutralizer that eliminates tough odors, including those caused by tobacco smoke. Freshens air and fabrics with no messy fallout. Will not stain carpeting, upholstery or fabric.



Day & Night

Packaging Options:

12/1 qt Case, 4/1 gl Case


Continual wicking odor absorber concentrate. Provides long lasting results wherever continual odor control is required.




Packaging Options:

12/1 qt Case, 4/1 gl Case


Super concentrated, all-purpose liquid deodorant that eliminates odors at their source. Excellent for eliminating pet urine or other organic odors. Use wherever odor problems exist.


Moldstat Aireze

Packaging Options:

12 - 3 oz Can


Fogging odor neutralizer, environmentally safe. Neutralizing odors while being a unique time saving way to safely neutralize odors.