Coconut Foaming

Hand & Body Wash

Packaging Options:

2/1 gl Case


Mild, Luxurious Formulation. Containns selected emollients for soft, smooth skin. Tropical Coconut Scent. Formulated for use in bulk foaming dispensers.


Soft N Clean

Packaging Options:

2/1 gl Case


Unique foaming formula containing special therapeutic ingredients including Tea Tree extract and Aloe. Ideal for hand, hair and body wash. Produces a rich luxurious


White Glove

Packaging Options:

4/1 gl Case


Fine, delicately scented, lotion hand soap blended with selected ingredients for soft skin. Ideal for use in most institutional soap dispensers. Soothes and conditions the skin as it cleans.


White Coconut Hand Soap

Packaging Options:

2/1 gl Case


Heavy duty viscous hand cleaner for use in any washroom. Contains selected skin soothing emollients and Triclosan. Great for even the most sensitive skin. 



Pink Lather

Packaging Options:

2/1 gl Case


A fine delicately fragranced lotion hand soap blended with cold cream ingredients for soft refreshingly cleaner skin. Lotions formula conditions and moisturizes hands. Ideal for service industry professionals. Biodegradable.


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