This odor neutralizing, non-aerosol

air and fabric spray offers a natural way to

refresh and deodorize your home.


Enjoy the fragrance on linens, bath towels, draperies, clothing and more. 


Apple Blossom


Apple Blossom is a gorgeous botanical blend of Fine fragrances; with a warm, delicate floral scent accompanied with just a hint of sweet apple. Inspired by Fresh Apple blossoms in the orchard that comes alive with the morning rain.  



16.5 oz Bottle


Gulf Breeze

Formulated to inspire the aroma of a fresh Gulf Breeze. Instantly transports you to the sandy shores with relaxing notes of grapefruit and lime. Combined with juicy melon, coupled with a fun and lively cocktail of tequila, white freesia and cypress that form the heart of the fragrance. 

16.5 oz Bottle



Fragrance has the wonderful aroma of freshly picked chamomile flowers with hints of fresh green herbs. Combined with bergamot, and a sweet light orange floral scent. 

16.5 oz Bottle


Key West

No other single fragrance reminds us of the tropics like coconut. The delicate combination of the coconut’s lush, fragrant oils offers a sense of island tradition, filling you with a sensual, relaxing aroma. Fragrance brings you back to the warm sun drenched beaches in the Keys.

16.5 oz Bottle

ENGLISH LAVENDER | Home Scentsation

English Lavender

A sensual, meditative and alluring combination of fresh picked Lavender flowers: jasmine, champaca and white ginger lily. These gorgeous blossoms linger with deep resonant base notes


16.5 oz Bottle


Pink Rose

A floral fragrance based in the glorious white and pink Rugosa roses that grow wild along the sandy beaches of Cape Cod. The aroma is full bodied and powerful, giving you that romantic garden by the sea fragrance .

16.5 oz Bottle

Infused with essential oils that contain no dyes and is 100 % Biodegradable.

Home Scentsations is safe to use around children and pet areas. Not tested on animals.