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Need a Restroom Care Cleaning Plan? We Got You Covered!

Updated: Jun 17

Cleaning your restroom can always be a daunting task. Whether it’s your toilet bowls, sinks, shower heads, fixtures, ceramic tiles, or any other surfaces, getting your restroom back to a pristine state can be a time-consuming task. Thankfully, we over at Theochem Laboratories have devised a comprehensive restroom care program that recommends the best products and practices to use when cleaning every surface in your restroom! Please read below as we break down the differences between our hydrochloric acid (HCl) cleaners, phosphoric cleaners, and nonacid cleaners as well as which cleaners perform best on their respective surfaces.

Hydrochloric Cleaners: With such a variety of surfaces in your restroom including porcelain, tile, and metal to clean, it can be confusing remembering which cleaners work best on which surface. Starting off with the strongest acidity level are our acid bowl cleaners. These perform best when used on surfaces such as your toilets and urinals.

  • Emulso: Our strongest emulsion germicidal bowl cleaner. This specific cleaner cleans and deodorizes toilets as well urinals. With 24% HCl, you can use this to eliminate the hardest mineral build-up, soap scum, and rust deposits. This product will not cause harm to septic tanks.

  • Blue Bowl Cleaner: Inhibited, acid toilet bowl cleaner. Cleans, deodorizes, and leaves your toilets and urinals with a wonderful wintergreen fragrance. Comprised of 9% HCl, this economical product is perfect for the cost-conscious customer.

  • Bowl-San: This powerful disinfectant is a strong acid toilet bowl cleaner that gives your toilet bowl a deep clean while leaving behind a fragrant wintergreen aroma. Inhibited 9% HCl product for daily use without fumes. Bowl San is formulated for use in health care institutions and is EPA registered.

  • PTC 85: This is an excellent mild acid cleaner. Reacts to release mineral film from porcelain, ceramic, and masonry surfaces. Leaving behind an aromatic sassafras scent, PTC 85 offers a unique blend of mineral acids as well as detergents.

Phosphoric Cleaners: Moving on to a milder alternative to our acid-based cleaners are our phosphoric acid bathroom cleaners. Areas of interest when using cleaners of this variety include showers, ceramic tile, shower heads, fixtures, and stainless-steel surfaces. Please read below for our three recommendations when cleaning areas such as these.

  • T-M-C: This heavy duty 30% phosphoric acid cleaner quickly removes soap scum and mineral deposits from heavily soiled ceramic and metal surfaces. T-M-C is ideal for showers, fixtures, drinking fountains, and porcelain sinks while leaving behind a pleasant sassafras fragrance.

  • P-M-C: Our 20% phosphoric acid cleaner P-M-C effectively removes mineral deposits and soap scum from a number of surfaces while leaving your bathroom filled with an amazing cherry aroma. Whether you’re using this in showers, fixtures, drinking fountains or your porcelain surfaces, P-M-C is a spectacular cleaner more than capable of the job!

  • Big K: This viscous, clinging, corrosion-inhibited cleaner is a powerful phosphatizing agent. Big K features a pleasant spearmint aroma and cleans and brightens metal surfaces. This cleaner does not bleach or roughen ceramic.

Nonacid Cleaners: Rounding out our trio of cleaner groups are the nonacid bathroom and bowl cleaners. These cleaners are on the complete opposite end of the pH scale, but clean just as effectively as any of the above groups of cleaners do. Continue reading below to see our nonacid cleaner recommendations as well as the surfaces they perform the best on.

  • Safe-T-Bowl: This specific cleaner was designed with a mild, nonacid formulation that specializes in cleaning and purifying toilet bowls and urinals. Safe-T-Bowl is recommended for daily use in all areas and contains a proprietary formula that destroys odor at its source. Lastly, Safe-T-Bowl leaves behind a potent bouquet fragrance.

  • Safe-N-Clean: Next up is our Safe-N-Clean nonacid bathroom and bowl cleaner. This option is great to use on a number of surfaces such as basins, tubs, and tile. Not only does it leave your surfaces looking immaculate once the job is finished, Safe-N-Clean also leaves your bathroom smelling like spring with its scented fresh floral aroma.

  • In-Cide: At last, we arrive at our In-Cide ready-to-use disinfectant. Not only is In-Cide an extremely powerful disinfectant that is effective against a host of viruses such as Covid-19 and HIV-1 (AIDS) Virus. In-Cide leaves behind a powerful aromatic fragrance, eliminating any foul-smelling odors in the process. In-Cide is your best resort as the last step of cleaning your restroom to ensure a fully clean bathroom for all your patrons and guests.

As we covered in this blog, no matter if it's metal, ceramic, porcelain, or any other given surface, Theochem Labs has got you covered! Our comprehensive restroom care program was designed not only to help you fight the toughest buildups on any restroom surface but also leaving your restroom smelling fresh and clean. As always, thank you for taking the time to read our blog on restroom care. Stay safe and clean wisely!