Simple, Easy to Use. 

Our products have a specific purpose for every drain care need. Designed for SINGLE USE. We provide an exact amount of product for a one-time application. 

No leftover chemicals. Just discard or recycle empty containers when finished. 


Toilet Drain Opener

Packaging Options:

16 oz qt


Use only in toilet bowls. Safe for 

septic and cesspool systems 

when used as directed. 



Cleaner & Deodorizer

Packaging Options:

16 oz qt


Cleans and deodorizes sink disposal.

Biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Contains natural orange oil extracts.


Sink & Tub Drain Opener

Packaging Options:

16 oz qt


Industrial strength liquid alkaline drain opener. Removes obstructions caused 

by grease, hair, soap and other organic matter. For use with all pipes. Safe for use with septic systems when used as directed. 


All Purpose Gel Drain Opener

Packaging Options:

16 oz qt


Thick gel clings to pipe walls for 

360 degree clog removal. Safe on disposals, septic tanks and pipes, 

even plastic pipes! Not for use in toilets. For toilets use Drain Fix Toilet Drain Opener.


Septic Tank Cleaner & Maintainer

Packaging Options:

16 oz qt


Bio-Enzymatic Drain Maintainer.

Contains natural active multi-spore 

bacteria that create enzymes to 

breakdown grease, fats, and protein to reduce sludge, wastes and prevent back-ups. With regular use, keeps drains and grease traps clear, free-flowing and septic tanks operating more efficient. Safe for use with all pipes and septic tanks.